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Workplace disengagement

Turning up for work every day and doing the bare minimum has now acquired a term, “quiet quitting”. A 2023 Gallup study of the Australian and New Zealand Workplace (2023) exemplifies that 67% of Australian and New Zealand employees are quietly quitting. In their research, they highlight two forms of quitting. Quiet Quitting refers to employees who are not engaged, and Loud Quitting, those who are actively disengaged.

Quiet quitters are individuals who are not flourishing in their workplace. They do not get involved in the workplace other than ticking boxes to get their job done and go home. Often, these individuals take no responsibility for their work and, as a result, will provide an inconsistent output. Loud quitters are a little different. They tend to voice their dissatisfaction in the hope that something will be done by the workplace to implement the changes that are required. Despite quiet or loud quitting being a current reality, we need to remember that they are a protective reaction to dysfunctions in the workplace.

What can turn the tide and move people from quiet or loud quitters to active contributors to organisational growth?

If we want to commit ourselves to truly shifting from quiet and loud quitters to high-functioning teams and organisations, we may wish to consider the following options:

  1. Create a seat and voice at the workplace table for all employees. These opportunities can vary in size and structure however, they must be consistent, healthy and respectful.
  2. Review job descriptions with employees. Is there a pathway to working with individual strengths and growing those areas for more significant development?
  3. Design, implement and evaluate authentic well-being programs where the focus is not just on individual support but collective connection.
  4. Review workplace culture. What is it that is going on below the surface?
  5. Authentically celebrate when things are done well.
  6. Provide quality mentoring and coaching opportunities.

What are your thoughts? Do you think applying the above six components will work for you and your staff to shift disengagement in your workplace?

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