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When leaders do what they say…

When leaders do what they say, trust, reliability, and accountability are cemented, paving the way for a positive and productive workplace. I have spent the week working and networking with key education leaders who commit to setting standards that grow culture, enhance credibility and boost morale. Most importantly, though, these leaders know who they are. They live and breathe a style of leadership that is authentic and focused on the growth of employees. This steadfast approach ensures that the school’s vision and mission are not just words on paper but are lived experiences for the students, parents, staff and the greater community.

Having been in multiple leadership roles throughout my career, I can confidently say leadership is complex. However, when we commit to leadership, we must ensure that we are in the role for the right reason. Communication must be open and underpinned by a regular reflective and responsive approach to conversations and situations.

When leaders do what they say they do, schools and organisations are fertile places for personal and professional growth.

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