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Walking the talk at work

Walking the talk at work is not something that we just say. It is something that we do. When we walk the talk at work, our day-to-day conversations and actions reflect the vision, mission, and values of the organisations for which we work. When we walk the talk at work, we are accountable for our words. We take responsibility for our work and the way we treat and communicate with colleagues. When we walk the talk at work, we engage in collaboration and strive for continuous improvement of self and others. When we walk the talk at work, we seek to understand before being understood.

Working with various sectors this week has brought to the fore what happens when individuals and organisations do not walk their talk. A phenomenon shared by emerging, middle, and non-leaders alike in this week’s workshops highlighted for some course participants, that the erosion of their self-esteem had serious implications about whether or not they could be their best selves at work. The challenge of not feeling psychologically safe was at the forefront of their minds. For others, work overload, lack of voice and support were all too overwhelming.

So, if we are to walk the talk at work, let’s ensure the following:

  • Focus on creating and maintaining trust-filled relationships. Let’s work at getting to know the people who work for and with us.
  • Establish clear boundaries and expectations. Let’s work together to form boundaries and expectations that are mutually beneficial and reciprocal.
  • Connect with the vision and mission of the organisation. Let’s reflect on our values regularly. If they do not reflect the vision and mission of the organisation or the team in which we work, we need to reconsider if we should be there.
  • Engage in opportunities for personal and professional development. Let’s focus on developing our knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Recognise our coworkers. Let’s focus on appropriately and authentically recognising the work of others.
  • Engage in quality feedback. Let’s listen and learn from one another. What can we do to develop ourselves?

When we walk the talk at work, we are more credible and productive. We lay the groundwork for trust, and emotional and social connection and grow a psychologically safe workplace culture.

Do you walk your talk at work?

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