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The Power of Pause

Conversations Matter! As a sales strategy, the power of pause creates a gap in a conversation that enables both parties to stop and reflect upon what is being said. Often, conversations are not as intently focused as they should be, and people waffle instead of explaining their ideas with purpose. For some, the hope is to share all the information as quickly as possible and for others, they fumble away in trying to select the right words at the right pace to convey their message.

Intent and impact underpin a quality conversation. The power of pause is not only a great strategy when conversations become heightened by emotion. It also offers a space to think about what can happen if the wrong words are chosen, and their delivery is disrespectful.

Having worked with two sectors this week, a recurring theme exemplified how to have quality conversations. I believe that people are well-meaning in their conversations, but the reality is that they need to be fully present when speaking and very aware of the impact of their words. So, what are some strategies available to enhance the power of pause?

Strategies to enhance the power of pause in a quality conversation…

  1. Know who you are and what triggers you. If you are stressed or angry, there is no point in starting or even continuing a conversation with someone.
  2. Plan your conversation as much as possible. What is it that you are hoping to achieve? Where might you add some time for reflection?
  3. Get to know the other person. What are their strengths and areas for improvement?

The power of pause provides a temporary reflective period in a conversation by inviting all parties to stop, think and then respond. If we all did this more frequently, some conversations might be easier.

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