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Michael, Richard and Simon: Mentoring in Action

Michael, Richard and Simon: Mentoring in Action

Rightly or wrongly, I am a Michael Buble’ fan. Sitting in a café in Cookham (UK) recently, I found an article about Buble’s visit to New Zealand. Buble’ was having lunch with his family at a fish market, listening to an acoustic duo performing various songs. He was in awe of their voices and invited them to sing in the “Spotlight” section of his final show at Auckland’s Spark Arena. Michael discovered talent, provided an opportunity to two unknown people, and engaged in a speed mentoring series of moments.

Richard Branson (philanthropist) and Sir Freddie Laker have a long-lasting mentoring relationship that started when Branson tried to mitigate the challenges of getting Virgin Atlantic off the ground. It was Laker’s guidance and support that nurtured Branson’s vision. Simon Sinek and Ron Bruder are two other people who highlight the power of having a champion as a part of a mutually reciprocal mentoring relationship.

In action, mentoring allows people to showcase their skills – just like Michael Buble’ did for two strangers, Sir Freddie Laker for Richard Branson and Ron Bruder for Simon Sinek (public speaker). One of the critical components of mentoring is for mentors to use their network to support the needs of their mentees. When we open doors for people and champion them to take the next step, despite their doubts or lack of courage, we mentor them to grow.

Having the right mentor is essential. Being fully trained is non-negotiable. The damage done to mentees without trained mentors has often been disheartening. My research in effective mentoring exemplifies this. Mentors need to want to be mentors, and mentees need to want to be mentees. Sharing in a journey bounded by trust, mutual accountability, and reciprocity forges a pathway to personal and professional growth.

I am seeking mentoring stories for my website. If you have a mentoring story you would like to share; please get in touch with me through www.reframewa.com

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