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Let’s see if I understood this correctly, what you are saying is….

The topic of “effective communication” surfaces with great frequency in posts, articles, books, and conversations daily.

Effective communication is more than just sharing content. It’s about understanding the ‘why’ of our intentions and our emotions and being very aware of their impact on others. Listening is a critical element of effective communication. Our listening mindset needs to focus on being present and open to fully grasp the meaning of what is being said by paying attention to what has been heard and understood.

To do this, let’s consider our own motivation and competency in this space.

To be effective communicators, we may wish to consider the following:

Personal Growth – motivation

  1. We need to be mindful of the stories we tell ourselves and those around us about the behaviours and actions of others.
  2. We need to discern fact from fiction.
  3. We need to be very aware of our biases and how they turn up.
  4. We need to develop our cultural intelligence.
  5. We need to honour the dignity of the human person…be kind, patient, and understanding, and know that everyone carries different-sized baggage that we may not know about.

Skill – competence

  1. Actively and authentically listen to the information presented
  2. Be assertive….with skill
  3. Understand the impact of language ….choose our words wisely
  4. Be aware of the tone and speed with which we communicate….lower our voice and slow down
  5. Be mindful of our body language….eye contact, nodding, and open stance just to name a few.

Being clear about our motivations and our competence to effectively communicate is essential. What do you do to ensure that you effectively communicate with others?

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