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It only takes 90 seconds

We all have moments when we become angry, frustrated, or upset. At the core is our response to emotions. For some of us, the response is physiological; for others, the response is a personal interpretation of the event. Neuroscience data highlights that our chemical processes are at play for only 90 seconds when we react to a situation. After that, the energy fizzles out. However, if that anger continues, it does so because the problem is replayed in our minds, resulting in another reactive response. The message here is this…. “We have the power to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world” (Taylor, 2021, p.7).

So, what does all of this mean for us at home or work? Consider what options are available to you to emotionally regulate.

What to do post 90 seconds?

  1. Be very aware of your triggers.
    1. It would help if you took full responsibility for them. What do they feel like?
  2. Identify the emotional response. What is it that is happening to you?
    1. Which part of the body is reacting the most? Is it your muscles, heart, etc?
  3. Name the emotion.
    1. Be clear about the name you give your emotion.
    2. Are you feeling angry, sad, frustrated? Be specific.
  4. Select a mindfulness strategy that works for you.
    1. Deep and paced breathing
    2. Mind wandering
    3. Go for a walk
    4. Listen to music

Once you recognise that an emotion lasts 90 seconds, you must have an emotional toolbox to help you mitigate the challenges.


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