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Goal setting is far from a linear process

Setting goals often brings with it a very linear thought and implementation process. For many, workplace goal setting is a transactional, ‘tick a box’ process. Recently, I walked into an organisation and overheard an employee share with another “Can you help me? I am meeting with the boss in 15 minutes and have not formulated a goal”. In this context, goal setting is pointless. Why? Because there is no reflective thought process about how the goal will benefit the individual and their role in the workplace.

Even when we have been able to set a practical goal, more often than not, achieving that goal takes work. There are lots of trials and tribulations that creep up along the way that need to be addressed. Purposeful perseverance and not procrastination need to be the focus.

How should practical goal setting be done? The diagram produced by the Mounika Studio highlights the real non-linear journey of goal setting. Read the tips and tricks below to help you engage in an effective goal setting process.

Goal-setting tips and tricks

  1. You need to be clear about the WHY of your goal.
    1. What is the reason for having the goal?
    2. What is the purpose of the goal?
  2. Use mini-goals to read the BIG goal.
    1. Set achievable benchmarks. Begin with quick wins that can assist you in getting to your BIG goal.
  3. Set a timeline with an added 25% buffer. Life happens. Sometimes, our goals cannot be achieved in our set timeframe.
  4. Invite a champion or a trusted guide to join you on the journey. Regular check-ins and talking through challenges that may get in the way assist us in pivoting.

So, with the new year approaching, what will your goals be?

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