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What happens when good, hard-working employees are placed in the wrong roles at work?
This week, I was made aware of an ongoing phenomenon in my work with not-for-profit and corporate groups. Many organisations need more staff, leading ...
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No, you can’t….Yes, you can!
No, you can’t…Yes, you can! Does this phrase sound familiar? The dichotomy that this phrase offers is accurate and relevant for us all. Let ...
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Take it slow and see how you go!
With the new year upon us, so is the overwhelming rate of marketing messages about the importance of goal setting and registering for courses, ...
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I will figure it out!
I will figure it out! This week’s reflection is attributed to the various organisations I worked with – some private and others public. ...
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Is it all about confidence…or is it not?
Often, we hear comments like “You need to have the confidence to take on the role”; or “Be confident with your approach” or you might hear ...
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Purposeful participant growth
Often, after a professional learning event, people will ask: How was it? Did you learn anything new? Can you apply what you learned to your everyday? ...
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How do you say goodbye? You do not.
This week, I facilitated workshops for Tier 1 leadership and communication cohorts. We explored the importance of understanding oneself and one’s ...
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Learning from abroad
I left Perth to travel to the UK and Europe to learn as much as possible about leadership, management, communication and mentoring from ...
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