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Category: Leadership and Management

Inclusivity: just words or action
Inclusivity, in its natural state, is a lived and breathed experience. It is natural to foster a culture where employees feel valued and included ...
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Ethical Leadership – How do you lead in this space?
This week, my work with mid-level leaders focused on ethical leadership. Ethical leadership is centred around appropriate conduct through respect for ...
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Own it! Navigating the Accountability Maze at work
Being accountable means taking responsibility for our actions, behaviours, performance, and decisions (Amin, 2022). This means being committed to our ...
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What happens when good, hard-working employees are placed in the wrong roles at work?
This week, I was made aware of an ongoing phenomenon in my work with not-for-profit and corporate groups. Many organisations need more staff, leading ...
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What is your personal S.W.O.T?
Whether you are in leadership or not, self-awareness is a non-negotiable trait. Understanding who you are, your values, beliefs, and strengths is ...
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The 20-minute phenomenon
As a leadership consultant, I am privileged to speak and work with many people in multiple sectors locally, nationally, and internationally. One of ...
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Take it slow and see how you go!
With the new year upon us, so is the overwhelming rate of marketing messages about the importance of goal setting and registering for courses, ...
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Goal setting is far from a linear process
Setting goals often brings with it a very linear thought and implementation process. For many, workplace goal setting is a transactional, ‘tick ...
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Managing expectations: We reap the seeds we sow
Expectations are beliefs of what will happen in the future. These beliefs determine our perceptions that, in turn, impact the decisions we make and ...
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I choose courage every time
Courage is a multifaceted word, making its definition challenging. For some, courage is taking action to mitigate a change of being, doing, and ...
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