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Category: Communication

What happens when good, hard-working employees are placed in the wrong roles at work?
This week, I was made aware of an ongoing phenomenon in my work with not-for-profit and corporate groups. Many organisations need more staff, leading ...
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Take it slow and see how you go!
With the new year upon us, so is the overwhelming rate of marketing messages about the importance of goal setting and registering for courses, ...
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It only takes 90 seconds
We all have moments when we become angry, frustrated, or upset. At the core is our response to emotions. For some of us, the response is ...
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Let’s see if I understood this correctly, what you are saying is….
The topic of "effective communication" surfaces with great frequency in posts, articles, books, and conversations daily.
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Character, competence, and challenge – Building blocks to building trust in the workplace
Researchers all agree that trust is critical for effective workplaces. When leaders and colleagues behave with character, that is, with greater ...
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‘What’ + ‘if’
‘What’ and ‘if’ are two very small words but when they are placed side by side, they open up a realm of possibilities. This past week I had ...
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The Power of Pause
Conversations Matter! As a sales strategy, the power of pause creates a gap in a conversation that enables both parties to stop and reflect upon what ...
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Decisions, decisions
Decision-making is never easy. Choosing what needs to happen rests on the knowledge, skills, understanding, and values of the person and/or people ...
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I heard you say….
One of my many passions is to facilitate workshops on the topic of Workplace Communication. The 2021 Census data (Australian Bureau of Statistics) ...
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Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose…
As my journey in Europe slowly ends, I continue to meet with fantastic business folk. This week, I was privileged to meet with a chemical engineer, ...
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