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Author: Nancy

Workplace Cliques: The Silent Killers of Productivity and Inclusivity
This week, my focus was on the corporate sector, collaborating with teams to enhance their performance. A particular conversation prompted me to ...
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Are you a leader who enables or empowers those around you? Let’s delve into this crucial distinction.
Are you a leader who enables or empowers those around you? Let’s delve into this crucial distinction. I write about this topic a lot. Only ...
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Inclusivity: just words or action
Inclusivity, in its natural state, is a lived and breathed experience. It is natural to foster a culture where employees feel valued and included ...
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Ethical Leadership – How do you lead in this space?
This week, my work with mid-level leaders focused on ethical leadership. Ethical leadership is centred around appropriate conduct through respect for ...
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Own it! Navigating the Accountability Maze at work
Being accountable means taking responsibility for our actions, behaviours, performance, and decisions (Amin, 2022). This means being committed to our ...
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Courageously Competent Conversations
In any organisation, there may be a need for courageous conversations, especially when a psychologically safe environment is absent. In such ...
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Agenda or truth-driven?
Working with a group of C-suite executives this week, I asked the question… How do you know that the information being given to you by direct ...
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What happens when good, hard-working employees are placed in the wrong roles at work?
This week, I was made aware of an ongoing phenomenon in my work with not-for-profit and corporate groups. Many organisations need more staff, leading ...
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What happens when the old right is the new wrong?
Working with several sectors this week brought to my attention a reality that is unfortunately still present. It’s great to see organisations ...
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How do we create a culture of creative thinking in the workplace?
In the day-to-day busyness of the workplace, there often needs to be more time allocated to creative thinking. With transactional foci alive and ...
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