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Are you who you say you are?

This week I spent some time working through some podcasts. One that was most memorable was that of Adam Grant’s series Worklife TED and his interview with Dolly Parton. I learned that as outgoing as Dolly Parton is, her identity lies in her authenticity, creativity, and faith. Her motivation is more about sharing her music than making money.

Listening to this podcast spurred some questions within me.

  • We talk about authenticity, but do we live in the authenticity space?
  • We talk about creativity but are we truly creative?
  • We talk about being committed to ourselves and others but how committed are we?

Interestingly, some psychometrics give us insight into how we see ourselves and how others see us. For some, there is a discussion about motivation versus shadow self, for others, there is an insight into our emotional selves. Similarly, there is an appreciation for the way in which our behaviours underpin our relationships and or responsibilities and how these may impact how we turn up for ourselves and others. Regardless of them all, they all drive us to reflect upon whether we are who we say we are. It is great if we are who we say we are – provided we do not hurt anyone. But if we are not who we say we are, then what does that mean for us, and why?

A deep-seated question, I know.

Working with people to explore personal and professional growth is a humbling experience. Helping them to not shy away from a conversation and guiding them to be fully present are thought-provoking and deep discussions.

Dr. Tim Clark, (2016) purports the question “Do you have a personal Magna Carta?” Making the time to identify our values and ethics and to learn about the values and ethics of others enables us to explore authenticity and integrity. In her interview with Adam Grant, Dolly Parton anchors her authenticity in her faith and in allowing herself to be real despite corporate pressures to fit a brand.

To be creative is to ask a question and simultaneously explore a solution. In the context of the interview, Dolly Parton links the seeds of creativity to dreaming, caring, being, and doing more.

When we all take responsibility to turn up as our best selves, despite any title we may have, we forge a commitment to knowing and standing by whom we say we are.

So, are you who you say you are?

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