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Agenda or truth-driven?

Working with a group of C-suite executives this week, I asked the question…

How do you know that the information being given to you by direct reports is not ‘agenda-driven’? What do I mean by this question? Is the information about projects or people conveyed truthful, or is there an agenda?

Interestingly, the provocative question raised some interesting responses that included ‘I have never thought about it’; ‘I trust my direct report’ and ‘I do not have the time to pursue this but I am aware that our team has a high attrition rate.’

We are all busy, and as leaders, as much as we try, taking the time to distinguish between what is real and what is not can be challenging at times. Engaging in active listening and asking quality questions may mitigate some of these challenges. With employee shortages across the globe, as leaders, we need to connect with people effectively. For example, when a direct report constantly mentions the name of someone, take the time to find some facts for yourself. Connect with the person mentioned; what is their why, and is what is being said valid? Or are there personality and insecurity challenges between the employee and the direct report? The information you receive must always be truth-driven and not agenda-driven.

Other considerations include:

Ensure appropriate policies, practices, and procedures are in place to collect multiple data sources.

Ensure that your direct reports engage in regular formal and informal conversations.

Provide human capital resources for staff who feel unsupported to connect with.

Ensure that regular culture-building processes and practices are embedded into the business operations.

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